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Demigod Roleplay

Have you ever heard stories about the Geek Gods? If you have, you may know that sometimes, they come to Earth as humans and "mate" with them.
But what if that was real?
What if there were real Demigods in this world?
Well guess what, there are.
There really are people who are half-god, half-human.
If they find out who they really are, monsters will smell their ancient blood more strongly. Those people, mostly children, who know who they really are, are forced to live in half-blood camps. They must live there in order to protect themselves from the harmful things in the real world.
This Roleplay is set in present-day America where Demigods exist.

But still, not everyone has the same god for a parent they never get to see.

There is Chilren of the Big Three, and there are barely any of them because there fathers are forbidden to have demigods as children.

And there are the rest of the Demigods, and there are already more than enough of them.

Are you excited for this roleplay to start posting threads?

You must wait, duh, did you really think you would get to roleplay right away?


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mistyfang Is this? 1 Sep 26 2011, 4:23 PM EDT by edwardfanguy
Thread started: Sep 24 2011, 7:36 AM EDT  Watch
A percy jackson rp? I was about to starrt that series until I rediscovered Charlie bone and then found among the hidden
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xxstumblingdownn Uhm. 5 Sep 22 2011, 3:14 AM EDT by HareBear
Thread started: Sep 21 2011, 6:45 AM EDT  Watch
I just wanted to popped in for a while before I go off for my little break that I was supposed to leave unannounced but then I saw THIS.

It excites me and all to see that everyone's contributing, but really?

I thought all of us compromised to focus on the cats, humans, non humans, and a little bit on the anime side. We restarted the Clans because nobody was paying attention to it. So are you just going to put Ally's work to waste? She's left us feeling as if we were hypocrites. I don't want her to think that forever. Be grateful and actually focus? ;n;
And are you going to put Willow's work to waste? She chose the names, the personalities of the Clans, made the plans, everything. Are you, now? Once we get additional RPs running, you /know/ everyone's gonna get their mind off of the cats. It's happened before and it'll probably happen again. Right now some of us are devoting our time to the cats but what happens later? :/

I don't mean to offend anyone, or make anyone even slightly ticked. But both the doll RP [which is a great idea- I'd love to roleplay in it aside from the fact that I'll just focus on it entirely and ignore the other RPs] and /this/ is just not... eh, how do you put it.

We're veering off track and I know I might sound a little btchy right now. But honestly we don't need another roleplay section. Please. Why doesn't anyone take me seriously. ;~;
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